Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

This is my Sourdough Starter Recipe, there are lots of recipes and advice out there but this works for me and the results have been great. Good luck!!


1 large kilner jar (disinfected earlier) 

200g Jack Berry™ Rye Flour COARSE 2000

Lukewarm water (the best is mineral or filtered water)

Day 1 – Begin your journey

Place 50g of flour in the clean kilner jar, then add 50g of lukewarm water.

Mix thoroughly until you achieve a thick, sticky consistency. Close the jar.

Put the jar in a warm place. The warmer the room, the faster the yeast will develop. If possible, keep the temperature above 25ºC. You can leave the jar on the window sill or put it in the oven on a low temperature to keep the warmth constant.

Day 2 – Continue your journey…

The next day, if you see a bubble or two, that means your starter is getting off to a good start.

Repeat adding 50g of flour and 50g lukewarm water. Stir thoroughly. Incorporating air helps develop the yeast and bacteria so remember to stir thoroughly after each feeding. Return it to a warm humid place to let it do its work.

Day 3 – You’re getting closer…

You should start to see bubbles forming now, and you may be able to detect a vinegary sour smell. If not, don’t despair. Just proceed, and be sure to put the starter in a warm humid place. 

If there are lots of bubbles and the starter becomes a bit thinner, you can go ahead and discard half of the mixture. If there is little activity do not remove any mixture from the jar.

Now, repeat the feed by adding 50g of flour and 50g of lukewarm water. Mix thoroughly. You should see more bubbles forming after you stir.

If your starter is really lacking in activity, you may want to skip a feeding and just let the starter sit for another day to develop. 

Day 4 – Keep mixing, you are almost there…

You really should start to see bubbles forming now. Your starter will take on a more sour or vinegary fragrance, and it may even smell a little like beer. This is all good and means your sourdough starter is developing nicely. If not, wait another day and be sure that you are putting it in a warm place. 

Repeat the same process from Day 3, using 50g of flour and 50g of lukewarm water.

Day 5 – You can start a new journey now – Baking…

Your starter should be ready to use. It should have a natural yeasty and sour smell.

Top Tips:

  • Try to maintain a warm temperature throughout the whole process
  • Mix it couple of times a day to add some air to it.
  • If you keep it on the windowsill, cover the whole jar with a cloth protecting it from direct sun.
  • I kept the jar closed all the way through the process, opening only for feeding and mixing and the results were astonishing.

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