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Jack Berry™ Traditional Sourdough Bread

Jack Berry™ Traditional Sourdough Bread

This Sourdough Bread recipe uses Jack Berry™ Rye Flour FINE 720 and Jack Berry™ Wheat Flour BREAD 750. The bread will taste great, it will have a crunchy crust and it will slice brilliantly.

Makes 1 large loaf



In a large mixing bowl, place 250g of Wheat Flour BREAD 750 and 250g of Rye Flour FINE 720.

Then add two level teaspoons of salt, 5g of dried yeast and 100g of fresh rye sourdough starter (no more than 100g).

Pour approximately 200 ml of slightly warm water into the bowl with the dry ingredients.

Stir the ingredients together to form a bread dough, then knead the dough by hand or with a dough hook for about five minutes. It should form a flexible and compact ball that maintains the formed shape.

Place a ball of dough in a bowl and cover it with a damp cloth or cling film. Put the bowl in a warm place for about 90 minutes or until it has doubled in size.

Place the risen bread dough on a floured work surface and shape it into a ball and place it in the dish in which the bread will be baked, or put it on a baking tray covered with flour. You can make a pattern on the top of the dough by cutting it with a sharp knife or scalpel. Cover the bread with a cotton cloth and set it aside for 30 minutes in a warm place and it should rise again.

After 30 minutes place the dough on the middle shelf in an oven preheated to 210°C for approximately 25 minutes. After this time increase the oven temperature to 240°C and bake the bread for a further 10 minutes.

Remove the bread from the oven, remove it from the loaf tin if you used it and place it on a wire rack to cool down fully. When the loaf is fully cooled down it will be ready for slicing……enjoy!!


Pouring a little water in to a container and placing it in the bottom of the oven will keep the oven atmosphere moist and will help you to achieve a crispy crust on the loaf. Bread slices even better the next day.

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