Raw Linden Honey

Jack Berry™ Linden Honey is light in colour and has a strong and very distinctive aroma. Linden honey has a fresh woodlands smell, with a hint linden blossom.  The honey’s taste is relatively mild, but stronger than you’d expect from its light appearance. It’s extremely sweet but the flavour is not over powering.  Used as a traditional remedy for colds and coughs.



Product Description

Linden honey has a history dating back 1000s of years. The Linden or Lyme Blossom tree in  many civilisations  is called ‘the tree of life’. This honey is one of the best, with a unique taste, which is fragrant and slightly spiced.

It has many health benefits, and can be used as a traditional remedy for treating coughs and colds.  It is considered good for reducing anxiety and a few teaspoons before bedtime could help with insomnia. The Linden flowers are traditionally used to make herbal teas and this tea is a natural cough remedy, it is advised to drink it with linden honey to enhance the natural effect.

Additional Information


370g, 1kg