Jack Berry

Rye Flour FINE 720

Jack Berry™ Traditional Baker’s Choice Rye Flour FINE 720 is a light flour which is a good source of fibre. Used for baking bread and great for making gingerbread. There are no additives in this flour.


Rye is an excellent source of essential vitamins and soluble fibre. Rye flour tends to be more nutritious than wheat or barley because of the whole nature it comes in, with endosperm, which is in the outer hull of the rye berry or kernel. The endosperm holds potent starches as well as fibre and nutrients. Can improve and regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and glucose levels. Makes great bread, pasta, pies and cakes.

Rye is used widely in Europe, and is the most popular flour used in Germany. It was brought to Europe from Asia during prehistoric times and used widely during the Middle Ages as a bread and alcohol grain.


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